Information Daniel Obrien

Family History

I was born in the Town of Bradewood, south of Goulbourne in New South Wales (Australia) in the year 1974. My parent Robert Malcom Obrien is of Irish descendants as their families migrated to Australia in the early 1890s mainly for a better life and more opportunities.  And my mother Mary Obrien, Indigenous Aboriginal, comes from the tribe of Maringar located in the south west of Alice Springs, a town called Mount Zeil near the Macdonall National park in the Northern Territories. In my family I have one brother and 2 sisters who are professionals in different walks of life living in Australia and abroad.

Educational Background

Science degree and diploma in Medical terminologies   

I have studied Dentistry from the University of Sydney and hold a bachelor’s degree in Dentistry. Surgical staff, in theatre for Oral Maxillar Facial Surgeries, working with surgeons, senior and junior Medical registrars in the Dental departments. Degree, in Pathology Collection and processing body fluids and electrolytes. Degree in Emergency medical care.

Work History

Working  at Western Sydney Area Health since 2000 Full time and from 2006 only part time due to involvement in foreign Charity and support /projects.

Interests and Hobbies

Making new projects for villages in South East Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) Teaching in schools Education programmes with local support, addressing medical care needs, clean drinking water, oral hygiene and dental care, personal hygiene programs teaching family farming and agriculture to villagers to become self- reliant and start food for food exchange systems within small remote villages. Helping villagers to become more technical minded in building and craftsmanship. Child minding mothers, at home to get involved in small industries (local products), the young to have education at their local level and to develop their own cultural awareness and religious beliefs.  Helping the orphan kids to have a safer place to stay without the fear of hunger and starvations and other serious issues.  For the adults, awareness programmes on Drug and Alcohol abuse in remote local villages. Sports and recreation: days for children and adults to entertain and participate to the benefits of families coming together.


Painting Aboriginal Indigenous arts, aboriginal Art, collecting artefacts, old coins, medallions etc.


I’m on my round the world tour, my “sacred walk-a-bouts”, painting aboriginal arts and having expositions and raising the awareness of the people who are interested  in the Indigenous arts and cultures of the Aboriginal people of Australia.