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The Infovisie Technical Advice Centre started in 1985 out of a collaboration pact between the Departments of Electrotechnics and Ophthalmology of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, together with the "Organisation for visually impaired workers" and several Belgian institutions and schools for visually handicapped persons.

Its main goal was and is to collect and to spread information (to both the users and specialists in the field) about the sophisticated technological aids that are being developed for visually handicapped and deaf blind persons.

Infovisie's advisory function has been a common activity of the vzw InfoVisie, VLICHT, the Flemish Information and Communication Centre for Handicap and Technology, and of the Dutch foundation VISIO until 2002/2003.

Most of its day-to-day activities have now been taken over by the KOC-group (Kennis- en Ondersteuningscentrum), set up by the Flemish Government. The publication of "InfoVisie Magazine" remains under the responsability of the Infovisie foundation.

The current collaboration permits a wide variety of activities:

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Prof. J. Engelen, president InfoVisie VZW and co-ordinator
Prof. L. Missotten, vice-president InfoVisie VZW
Marie-Paule Vandamme, secretariat Infovisie Magazine

Mr. G. Van den Breede, technical consultant

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Contact details Infovisie VZW:

Infovisie VZW
p.a. Vloerstraat 67
B-3020 Herent

tel.    +32 16 32 11 23
fax.    +32 16 23 74 31

email   Jan Engelen

(July 12, 2005)