Infovisie Magazine Vlaamse versie

Infovisie Magazine is a technical magazine containing information on technological aids that are of interest to persons with a visual handicap (persons with low sight, blind persons). It is published by the Infovisie foundation and supported by the K.O.C, the Flemish technological support center for persons with an impairment.

Its content is written  by several Belgian and Dutch specialists in the field.

The Dutch version is available in normal blackprint (on paper), as talking book (on audio CD) and in a few electronic formats including HTML.
The French version was available by the Infovisie foundation until the end of 1999 in normal blackprint, braille and electronically.

Currently all new issues of Infovisie Magazine in HTML format are distributed via email for free.
You only have to ask for them by sending an email to Jan Engelen.

If interested, take a look at the Dutch page on Infovisie Magazine which can be found by clicking here.

If you want more information on the InfoVisie foundation or need subscription details for the printed or audio version, send us an e-mail.


(July 21, 2004)