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Van trekvogels en speelvogels - was open tot 23 september 2017


Een tentoonstelling met creatief werk gemaakt door kinderen van hier en elders, deskundig begeleid door Daniëlle Matthys, Jenny Caubergs, Catherine Hermans, Lisette Caubergs, Gerda Lagrou, Riet Deboeck en Gina Lagrou.

Een reeks werken met als thema: “Dromen van een thuis”. Het verleden wordt in een rugzak gestopt en de koffers met dromen voor een zonnige toekomst staan klaar.
Trekvogels worden zo speelvogels.
Deel in het enthousiasme via onze fotoreportages van de workshops:

De tentoonstelling was open van 16 tot 23 september
In het Hannah-huis,
Mechelsesteenweg 361 te Herent
(vlak bij het treinstation, kant Leuven)

tel.: 016 23 85 74
web: www.hannah.be
e-mail: hannah@hannah.be
Een initiatief van Hannah vzw met de steun van GROSH Herent


 The HANNAH foundation

The Hannah foundation is set up Flanders (Belgium) but its basic goal is to provide a framework for collaboration between people from different countries and different cultures. One of its main purposes is to enhance mutual understanding by bringing together, in one exhibition, a Belgian and a "foreign" artist.

Below are details on some ongoing or past activities


From Dec. 4 till 30, 2016  the Hannah Gallery shows art under the somewhat cryptical title "Move-Moved":

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referring to recent work of sculptor Jan De Groef and "moving" impressions
by graphic artist (etchings, monotypes) Jarca Pešicová (Prague, 1935-2015).
You can find the flyer (in Dutch) here.logo pdf

From Dec. 6th till January 3th, 2016  the Hannah Gallery showed art under the title:


referring to former and recent attempts to build towers but to avoid the problems of cultural disparities (as described in the Bible).
On display were  paintings by Alexey Terenin (Prague) and ceramic objects by Fons Van Tricht (Leuven).
You can find the flyer here.

From Feb. 1st till March 1st, 2015  the Hannah Gallery presented art under the symbolic title:

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referring to the promotion of cultural exchanges between Flanders and Wallonia.
On display were aquarel and acryl paintings by Marie-Jo Dethise (Waha, Marche-en-Famenne) and wooden sculptures (sometimes illuminated) by Hilde de Meulenaere (Herent).
For this occasion, our flyer was bilingual (Dutch-French).

From Sept. 22 till October 20, 2013, Hannah was focussed on:


showing paintings and installations from Pollie Gregoor (Maasmechelen, B) and paintings by Jozef Constant (Genk). An overview of the start event on Sept. 22 can be found on HERENT IN BEELD.
In the same period, several activities related to silence and silencing (with the support of Amnesty International) were scheduled:

* Sept 22: Poetry by Karel Sergen. Temporary exhibition of calligraphic works on poetry.
* Sept 29: Walking for Peace (in Herent)
* Oct 6: Meditation with Jos Van Pelt (11 AM - 1PM)
* An evening in October: letter writing with support by Amnesty International Vlaanderen.

From February 24 to March 24, 2013  the Hannah Gallery welcomed three artists under the title:

Logo Eine Wende 2013

showing ceramics by Ute Dreist (Techentin, D), paper collage work by Martin Hoffmann (Berlin & Hamburg) and statues by Mariek Vanbuel (Genk).
You can pay a virtual visit to this exhibition thanks to the picture coverage by Ute Dreist.

Paintings by Gerhard Prikoszovits (Vienna, Austria) and sculptures in wood and stone by Pol Lemaire were shown at the exhibition:

Logo stilte storm

from April 25 till May 29, 2011 in the Hannah-huis, Mechelsesteenweg 361, 3020 Herent.
You can also pay a virtual visit to the exhibition thanks to our slide show (pictures, courtesy G. Prikoszovits)

Graphical work, paintings and art books were shown by Robert Lobet (Nîmes, France) together with Calligraphies in Ceramics by Nathalie Beelprez during the exhibition:

logo Letterlijk

from September 26 till October 24, 2010 in the Hannah-huis, Mechelsesteenweg 361, 3020 Herent

Graphical work (etchings and sophisticated lithographies) on oriental themes by Marina Richter (Moscow/Prague) were shown, together with earthenware objects with Chinese inspiration by Annelies Slabbynck, a Belgian working and living in Shanghai (China), during the exhibition

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from November 30 to December 28, 2008

Acryl paintings by Karine Gutschoven (B) and glass & bronze castings by Henny Joris (NL) have been on display during the exhibition
logo Tegenlicht
that lasted from October 5 till November 2, 2008. More info (in Dutch) by following this link.

Leni Creuwels
home: Vloerstraat 67
B-3020 Herent (Belgium)

tel 0032 16 23 85 74
fax 0032 16 23 74 31
Mechelsesteenweg 361
B-3020 Herent
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2011 postzegel Mozart Kafka postzegel

Mozartpostzegel (2011) en Kafkapostzegel (2013)
ontworpen door Marina Richter
The name Hannah, by the way, means "Johanna" and was chosen in remembrance of Leni's mother. It is also an interesting palindrome.
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